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Project Description

Brushless DC Fan Motor – Inner Rotor Type

bldc motor DL-120 Type specification
bldc motor DL-120 Type specification
bldc motor DL-82 Type specification
brushless dc motor DL-58 type specification
brushless dc motor DL-22 type specification
brushless dc motor ADL-58 type specification

Brushless DC fan motor namely Brushless direct current motor, also called BLDC motor. It overcomes the brushed DC motor’s defects and replaced mechanical commutators with electronic commutators.

Therefore, our SPG brushless DC motors have good speed control performance of DC motors’ features but also has the advantages of simple structure, no commutation spark, stable operation and easy maintenance.

The essence of the brushless DC motor is the DC power input, the electronic inverter converts the direct current into alternating current, and the three-phase alternating current permanent magnet synchronous motor with rotor position feedback.


Brushless DC Fan Motor – Outer Rotor Type

motor dc brushless DLG-50 Type specification
motor dc brushless DLG-73 Type specification

MfgHVACR supplies High-quality SPG Brushless DC fan motors, all of them are original.

There are 2 two types of BLDC motors from SPG company. One is Inter rotor type, other is the outer rotor type. We also supply different voltages and torques for clients. What’s more, the speed is from 1000 to 5000 available. So you can easily choose from our models based on clients requests.

In addition, our some models can be customized for 12V, 24V, or 48V etc. We are proud to have supplied thousands of customs solutions from dozens of industries. Enjoy choosing.