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Project Description

AC Condenser Motor IC-1 TYPE

Condenser Motor IC-1 type specification

MfgHVACR supplies SPG AC condensers motors for the split, window air conditioner, and ceiling AC etc. There are singles and phase motors available. Our AC condensers motor based on the energy-efficient design to make sure good performance in the cooling system.

SPG Type IC-1 condensers motors provide different RPM, torque, and dimensions for clients.  So you can choose according to your requests.


 Fan Condenser Motor IC-8 TYPE

fan condenser IC-8 type specification

SPG fan condenser motors are famous high-quality HVAC motors. Using the right motor can help you to maximize your life and power of HVAC systems.

They can keep your HVAC system running smoothly with low noise. Environmentally-friendly design help you enjoy the energy efficiency life. With high-quality and best service, therefore, main home appliance brand manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Whirlpool choose our condenser motors.


AC Condenser Motors IC-9 TYPE

fan condenser motor IC-9 type specification

Usually, the AC condenser fan motor’s function is to keep an air conditioner’s compressor from becoming overheated. So the quality of fan condenser motor will affect the life of the air conditioner. That’s why major brand manufacturers will use our high-quality SPG condenser motors.

SPG AC condenser motor features:

  • Powerful motor
  • Stable performance
  • Low noise
  • Can be installed in small space
  • Long life using
  • Large torque

AC Condenser Fan Motors IC-13 Type

condenser fan motors IC-13 type specification

This IC-13 type SPG AC condenser fan motor applied simple structural to lower the noise and make it high efficiency. It can make you HVACR system work smoothly.

All of our SPG condenser motors have CE, and ROHS certificates. We insist on using environment friendly materials.


HVAC Condensers Motor IC-15 Type

hvac condensers motor IC-15 Type specification

It’s very import to use high-quality condensers motors for HVAC system, because they can help the cooling system prevent stop working as overheated.

SPG HVAC condensers motors give your HVAC system protection. So, you no need do maintenance frequently when you use our motors.