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Project Description

Defrost Thermostat PFN Model

defrost thermostat PFN specification

PFN model is used in refrigerator, freezer, showcase and water dispenser as a sensor.

Usually, if you face any of the following problems, that means defrost thermostat needs to be changed: Fridge does not start, too cold, too warm, runs too long.

MfgHVACR PFN model for refrigerator can control the accurate temperature. So many major brand home appliance manufacturers like to use our defrost thermostat such as LG, Samsung, GE, and Whirlpool etc.

Satisfaction 95%
Population 89%
Positive feedback 98%

Defrost Thermostat PFR Model

defrost thermostat manual defrost type PFR specification

PFR model is manual defrost type for refrigerator, freezer.

It can help you maintain and the temperature of cold storage room regularly. This type of thermostat provided with a push-button which allows defrosting control.

It just like the freezer was installed a smart brain for the temperature control. It wildly used GE and Whirlpool refrigerator.

Satisfaction 96%
Population 80%
Positive feedback 95%

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