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Project Description

Refrigerator Condenser Model HP

refrigerator condenser 01

1.Material: Steel wires 1.0mm-2.0mm,with rubber caps at both ends.

2.Size: 4.76mm×0.71mm, 6.35mm×0.71mm, 8mm×0.71mm

refrigerator condenser models

Refrigerator Condenser’s size and distribution directly affect the cooling capacity and cooling speed of the refrigerator system. The compartment of the refrigerator is mostly cooled by a multi-heat exchange layer condenser, and the drawer of the freezer compartment is disposed between the layers of the heat exchange layer of the evaporator.

Above is the condenser’s function.

The condenser refrigeration is another important heat exchange component of the refrigerator refrigeration system.

It is the device that outputs the cooling capacity in the refrigeration unit, mainly for “endothermic”. The refrigerator condenser is mostly made of copper and aluminum. It has plate tube type (aluminum) and wire tube type (platinum nickel steel alloy).

The former has a slow heat transfer rate, and the bearing effect is poor and easy to deform. The latter has a fast heat conduction effect. Cooling is fast.

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Refrigerator Condenser Model DP

refrigerator condenser 02

1. Material: Bundy tube (steel tubes coated with copper),With rubber caps at both ends.

2. Steel wires 1.0mm-2.0mm

3. Size: 4.76mm×0.71mm, 6.35mm×0.71mm, 8mm×0.71mm

4. Anti-corrosion: Surface with electrophoresis coating to prevent the corrosion

Usually, there 3 kinds of refrigerator condensers:

  1. The Finned coil refrigerator condenser

It is only suitable for inter-cooled refrigerators. The aluminum tube or the copper tube having a diameter of 8 to 12 mm is used as the tubular portion, and the aluminum sheet (or copper sheet) having a thickness of 0.15 -3 nuns are used as the fin portion, and the distance between the fins is 8 to 12 mm.

The tubular portion of such an evaporator is intended to be used for the circulation of the refrigerant, and the fin portion is used to absorb the heat of the refrigerating compartment and the freezing compartment. The choice of a finned coil evaporator is more because it has high heat transfer coefficient, small footprint, firmness, reliability and long life.

  1. The aluminum plate inflation condenser

It adopts a printing pipeline between two aluminum plates, and after calendering, the UN-printed portion is heat-pressed in one body, and then is inflated into a bamboo road by high pressure.

  1. The tube plate condenser

This type of refrigerator condenser is often used as a freezer condenser and direct cooling for a direct-cooled freezer.

A lot of Korea brand manufacturers such as Samsung, LG choose our refrigerator condensers as their’s pasts. Customers can choose condensers based on their budget. We also accept the customized if you need.

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