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Project Description

LG Refrigerator Damper DU25-101K Model

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Refrigerator damper DU25 101K series are special for LG brand Refrigerator.

Refrigerators damper often used to control airflow and a fan to provide circulation. It’s as an actuator for air volume control. Therefore, it’s very important for the cool effect.

The permanent magnet synchronous motor is connected to the AC100V source, and then passes through The gear transmission mechanism is configured to push the damper flap to the maximum opening distance by the end cam, the spring piece provides a locking force to reset and close the damper, and the other circumferential cam pushes the magnetic block close to the reed switch to make it close and close.

The signal is fed back to the electronic thermostat control board to judge the opening and closing state of the damper; after the stepping motor is turned on the dedicated driving power supply, a gear in the rectangular frame is driven by a set of the gear reduction transmission mechanism.

Swing, control the opening of the baffle by the positive and negative steps of the stepping motor and the number of pulse steps, thereby controlling the cold air flow in the refrigerator compartment. In the principle design, the state control of the PDC type is a passive type, and the Refrigerator Damper PDC Model is an active control type, which embodies a different design concept. This is also the key to the PDC Model freezer damper real intelligent control of the refrigerator.

MfgHVACR Refrigerator Damper Advantages:

  • Intelligent adjustment airflow
  • Low noise for stable operation
  • Great performance in low temperature
  • Safety for refrigerator
Satisfaction 96%
Population 83%
Positive feedback 98%

Refrigerator Damper PDC Model

Refrigerator Damper PDC model specification

As known, the damper is used to regulate the airflow of household refrigerating appliances. Normally, it is assorted with the electronic thermostat as important refrigerator spare parts to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator.

Refrigerator Damper PDC Model Features:

  • Easy control along with high performance and full protection.
  • Single-layer PCB design for cost efficiency.
  • Ultra-low noise during operation
Satisfaction 95%
Population 90%
Positive feedback 98%