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Project Description

SPG Sungshin Shaded Pole Motors

Shaded Pole Motors Specification

shaded pole motors IS-3 type specificationshaded pole motors IS-23 type specification

The Shaded Pole motor is one kind of single phase AC motor.  Compared with other motors, the AC shaded pole motor’s structure is very simple, no deed additional windings and capacitors. Therefore, they are widely used in different lines.

We MfgHVACR cooperate with Korean SPG company to present Sungshin brand motors. They are accepted by many famous brand manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Daewoo, GE, and Whirlpool. We gain the good reputation in shaded pole motor industry as our high quality and best services to our clients.

Sung shin Shaded Pole Motors Features:

  • Reasonable structural design
  • Flexible lead wire direction, so the motor cover box itself can be rotated and installed
  • Sung shin  superior shaded pole motor performance low noise, low vibration
  • High-performance protection level
  • Numerous choices to meet the needs of various users
  • Using optimized design, with higher efficiency, can produce considerable energy saving effect
  • Other optional requirements such as add dust seals, heating belts, oil seals, oil injection, special shaft extensions, special flanges and other requirements.
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